Optimal Agricultural Business Systems (OABS)

a South African company that offers a diversified range of professional services in keeping with rapidly changing market and technological demands in the agricultural sector.
The company was founded in 1997 and has since often led the market in their fields of expertise in primary agriculture and related disciplines.
  • agricultural information
  • market evaluation
  • strategic planning
  • business planning
  • research services
  • agricultural drone services with the use of photogrammetry
  • agricultural economics
  • applied economics
  • institutional and social
  • technical services
We aim to empower our clients and the agricultural community by offering relevant, sustainable and measurable solutions

Our Customers

Our mission is to serve our clients, the agricultural environment and the green agenda with the highest level of personal and professional integrity, expert knowledge, dedication and passion. We strive to serve the agricultural sector through diligent broadening and updating our own knowledge in every field of expertise that we offer, and to share that knowledge and contribute to a sustainable agricultural environment based on sustainable agricultural practices.